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  • Visit our showroom or contact the team for product material selections.

  • To ensure proper material selection, our team will ask the space's function, aesthetic requirements, budget, timeline and square footage.

  • Samples will then be ordered and delivered to your office or to the showroom.

  • Final selections are made to meet project budget requirements.


  • Preliminary pricing will be provided during schematic and design development.

  • An estimator will be assigned to the project.

  • Discuss installation methods for each specification to adhere to budget.

  • Discuss value engineering options, if applicable, to meet budget requirements.

  • Project take-offs to be performed.



  • A project manager will be assigned to the job.

  • The project manager will keep open communication with the general contractor once the project is awarded.

  • The project manager will work closely with labor superintendent to implement installation schedule

  • The project manager will visit the job site during installation to ensure project stays in budget, on schedule, and design intent is executed.



  • Pre-construction mock-ups are available

  • Pre-site walk will be performed for accuracy of takeoffs and product procurement.

  • Installation is scheduled through the project manager and labor superintendent.

  • Final walk through is performed to ensure project completion and client satisfaction.



  • Consultation with client or end user to identify appropriate maintenance schedule for the project.

  • Review traffic patterns for each space and evaluate a program for the clients needs.

  • Post-construction flooring maintenance is available if required.

  • Our maintenance schedules are customizable to each client based on budget and traffic patterns.

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